Updated March 3, 2023; 11 a.m.

1. How do I set up email?

Email should ONLY be set up and used on devices outside of the KCDC network. DO NOT set up or use email on any KCDC device at this time. The ONLY exceptions are devices in the “Bubble” at the Main Office; those devices are approved. 

Also, DO NOT attempt to install email on your cell phone at this time. Any attempt to do so would likely result in losing any information from your old email account, such as contacts.

Click here for detailed setup instructions.

2. What should I tell residents/vendors/anybody if they ask me what happened?

KCDC was exposed to a cybersecurity incident that has compromised our internal servers including the phone system, email and internet. We are working through the restoration of systems, which is going well, but we cannot yet estimate an expected date for complete resolution.

3. Can I use my KCDC computer (desktop or laptop)?

No, your KCDC computer may be infected with a virus. This includes all files stored on the computer as well. IT will systematically be checking each machine and will reauthorize its use as they move through.

4. How should I access the internet?

You should continue to avoid use of any KCDC network to access the internet, including hard-wired and wi-fi. This includes connecting personal computers, cellphones or KCDC hardware to a KCDC network. You may access the web from your home or from the training room until advised of other means of access. You can utilize your cellphones for internet access, but not as a hotspot while on KCDC property. Accidental connectivity to KCDC systems is a possibility which must be prevented.

5. How do I access Yardi appropriately?

Yardi access has been reconfigured and can be accessed either remotely or from the training room at the KCDC main office. Your password may need to be changed to access Yardi. Work through your supervisor/director as necessary.

6. ​I can see my email through my phone, laptop and/or desktop computer. Can I still use it?

No, do not use it. You should be able to access email through Microsoft Office 365. Detailed setup instructions are listed above.

7. When will copy machines and printers be available?

You can make copies at any machine, however printing will need to be done from the training room. Resident files should not leave the office without supervisor approval, and utilization of a paper-based sign-out/sign-in log must be used.

8. UPDATE:​​ How will I get paid?

Payroll was computed manually for this week’s paycheck. You will be paid by direct deposit as usual. You can expect to see your deposit hitting your bank as usual. We are hopeful that Vista will be restored fully for the next pay cycle. For nonexempt employees, please keep up with your work locations, hours, overtime, etc., on the forms which have been provided by HR.

​9. How do I contact other KCDC employees?

You can contact KCDC employees by email or phone. Detailed setup instructions for email are listed above.

10. I am struggling to accomplish my work based on the current restrictions. What do I do?

Please reach out to your supervisor, who will assist you and contact IT as necessary. We may not have thought of every detail and we need your ideas.