KCDC, Matter Health open wellness center for Love Towers residents

Scott BirdUncategorized

Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation (KCDC) has partnered with Matter Health to provide high-quality, on-site primary care for residents at the Guy B. Love Towers property.

The wellness center provides convenient access to primary care and lifestyle support. It also includes a patient lounge, consultation and virtual health room, and an exam room. Matter Health and KCDC previously opened similar centers at KCDC’s Cagle Terrace, Isabella Towers and Northgate Terrace.

“Being able to place wellness centers onsite has provided a tremendous benefit to residents,” KCDC Executive Director and CEO Ben Bentley said. “This is our fourth property to provide centers, and residents at the other housing communities have provided positive feedback. Our partnership with Matter Health improves the quality of life with prompt access to medical care for residents.”

Representatives from Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation and Matter Health officially open a wellness center for residents of KCDC’s Love Towers on July 6. The center provides convenient resident access to primary care and lifestyle support. From left, Thomas Bleeker, Marisa Moazen, Beverly Mack, Darlene Farmer, board vice chair Scott Broyles and CEO and Executive Director Ben Bentley of KCDC; State Sen. Becky Duncan Massey; and Caryn Pickens, Wendy Hodge, Crystal Brunson and Mason Mercy of Matter Health.

Matter Health’s new wellness center at Love Towers will be the company’s 16th in the state and the sixth in East Tennessee. It is staffed with a full-time provider and a medical assistant, and amenities and services are available to all Love Towers residents.

“As we continue to open wellness centers in partnership with KCDC in affordable housing communities, we have seen the strong response and appreciation for readily available health care,” said Austin Sohr, president and co-founder of Matter Health. “On-site and high-quality medical care at residential communities has become of model of how to deliver services where people need them and when they need them most.”

Love Towers , located at 1171 Armstrong Ave, in North Knoxville is a high-rise property with two seven-story apartment buildings that provide safe, comfortable housing for seniors, disabled and near-elderly individuals. The property underwent an extensive renovation in 2022.